Fine Art Versus Illustration

6 January 2012

Quite a few people have asked me to explain the difference between fine art and illustration. I guess because I have both categories up on my web site.

First this has been an ever ongoing discussion ever since the first cave man painted on a wall, and then another cave man paid a saber tooth tiger pelt to the artist to come paint his cave, or are we talking interior design?

In my opinion there isn't much difference both are art, both are expressions of what is felt by the artist. The only difference I can see... and how I have separated them on this web site is this.

Fine Art: Is something the artist wanted to create or express that is solely inside thier self.

Illustration: Is something some one asked or inspired the artist to create or express.

End of Story.



Andy G.   |   12:40am — 20 Jan 2012

That makes more sense than any other explanation I\'ve heard.

jesus   |   9:00am — 13 Mar 2012


I´ve seen your pictures and works and i loved.

I know your work through the corel painter IX software,

I would ask advice (if it´s posible) for a young illustrator who is starting. (

thank you very much

and sorry for my bad english